Protite Fibreglass Chopped Matting

Protite Fibreglass Chopped Matting is designed to provide re-enforcement and strength when used with Protite Fibreglass Resin and Protite Fibreglass Resin Catalyst for general repairs. Protite Fibreglass Chopped Matting consists of strands of glass fibres laid randomly across each other. It is economical and provides good stiffness. Chopped matting is easier to conform to tight curves and corners.

Features & Benefits:

  • 450 gsm
  • Strand-chopped fibreglass matting for reinforcement
  • Rough finish
  • Yellow and white fibres bound together in strands


  • Caravans, boats, trailers, bikes and automotive bodywork
  • Fibreglass surfboards and water skis
  • Down pipes, leaky gutters, metal roofs and rusted panels
  • Casting and vacuum-cast shapes.

Sizes Available

  • 0.25 m2
  • 0.50 m2
  • 1.0 m2


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