Fibreg;ass cloth and strip cloth

Protite Fibreglass Woven Cloths and Strips Cloths are woven strands of fibreglass used in conjunction with Protite Fibreglass Resin to provide extra strength and flexibility to fibreglass, metal and timber and other rigid substrates. A common reinforcement product used with polyester resin for hand lay-up. Strips are stuck together to form a mat in differing thicknesses on uneven surfaces. Protite Fibreglass Cloth and Strips use the same strands as fibreglass matting but are woven rather than chopped; leaving a finish that is much smoother, stronger and more flexible.

Features & Benefits:

  • Smooth finish
  • 180 gsm
  • Glass type: E-Glass


  • Caravans, boats, trailers, bikes and cars
  • Fibreglass surfboards, water skis, pools and water tanks
  • Down pipes, leaky gutters, metal roofs and rusted panels
  • Steel, iron, timber, masonry and aluminium
  • Smooth polyester or wooden surfaces
  • Casting and vacuum-cast shapes.

Sizes Available

  • 0.50 m2
  • 1.0 m2
  • 50mm x 2.5m (Strip Cloth)
  • 100mm x 2.5m (Strip Cloth)


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